First conference announcement

November 28 2017

We’re increasing our price for the delegate pass at midnight. Make sure to grab your pass while there’s still money to save! For a reasonably fair price, you have the possibility to witness the following topics:

Beyoncé Goes to College
Norway have a lot to learn from Denmark. At Copenhagen University it’s possible to enroll on a course entitled «Beyoncé, gender and race». Like, Queen B, Bey, Sasha Fierce! Course leader Erik Steinskog will talk about Beyoncé in relation to gender, race and African-American feminism. Get in formation!

Miriam Linna – What’s Inside a Girl?
Rock’n’roll history is full of legends. But have you heard of Miriam Linna? She was the first drummer in The Cramps, and played an important role in the 70s downtown New York punk and new wave scenes as well as a living proof that girls can also be rock nerds.

The Big Payback: A Living Wage in the Digital Age
Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook: media which have opened up new possibilities for making a living via music, but have also produced challenging conditions for collected earnings. A research project from the University of Oslo is starting this year and will take a closer look at the best ways to tap new potential, which will be presented to us in March!

Maj Britt Andersen – A Life In Music
Maj Britt Andersen is a true veteran of Norwegian music, and one of the nation’s most beloved artists. As well as her hugely successful children’s music, she has also had a career in Norwegian soul, pop and jazz for many decades.

New Privacy Laws – What Promoters Need To Know
In 2018 new privacy laws are being introduced in Norway which will affect businesses in many areas. How should promoters act and what does it mean for the industry?

Concert Promoters and Social Entrepreneurship – Be Inspired
How can concert promoters use their resources, take social responsibility and still achieve sustainability? Guri Hummelsund is the head of Norske Konsertarrangører’s flagship project on concert organisers as social entrepreneurs, and will provide an inspiring overview of several exciting projects and companies.

You can buy the delegate pass here.
As mentioned earlier, we’re raising the prices this midnight.