Mental Health, Spellemann and Pop for Kids

January 18 2018

Delegate passes will increase on Monday

Get ready for a massive conference programme for this year’s by:Larm. This time around we’re adding sessions regarding mental health, Spellemann, social entrepreneurship and how kids listens to music, to name a few. In total we’ll end up with approximately 100 (!) sessions, so we’re confident you’ll find a lot to dig into. Remember to buy your ticket before the price increase on Monday at 11:59 PM. The delegate passes will increase from 3 250 NOK to 3 625 NOK. Get your tickets here.

Here are our new additions:

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend (ENG)
Presented by Green Operations Group
While live promoters are putting incredible efforts into professionalising and improving their events and satisfying the fans, we often forget about our own wellbeing. Responsibility, pressure and self-exploitation meet sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

Spellemann – Stable and Able? (NO)
Presented by Spellemann
Much of the Spellemann prize’s credibility rests on confidence in its jury system, especially regarding jury members’ possible vested interests in the material they are evaluating. In a small country, many people will have encountered each other in one context or another. Where should the limits of vested interest be set?

The Pop Industry: Where Are We Now? (NO)
Presented by Cappelen Damm
A talk about pop music and a changing business. Where are we now, and how did we get here? Are we back where it all started, where concerts and festivals are the most important arenas for artists and fans?

Oslo Poster Fest
A cooperation between Grafill, by:Larm, Popsenteret and The Big O
Oslo Poster Fest #1 is an exhibition of Norwegian gig posters being shown for the first time at DogA during by:Larm 2018. The exhibition consists of selected posters from concerts in Oslo in different genres. 

Pop for Kids! (ENG)
Presented by by:Larm
Pop music has always been known as a youth culture. But in recent years the average age of the target audience has gone down from teenagers to pre-teens and even under-tens. This panel investigates different strategies and initiatives for engaging, informing and educating young children about the delights of pop music.

How Can you Make Money in Music? (NO)
Presented by The University of Oslo
You can discuss this crucial question one to one with curious researchers from the University of Oslo, who want to hear your experiences, challenges and expectations.

Social Entrepreneurship: From Idea to Project (NO)
Presented by NKA
The workshop will offer tools that can be useful to create and build ideas which can develop into social projects and will carry weight.

Big Data! Small data? No data? (ENG)
Presented by NOPA in collaboration with Daniel Nordgård (Agderforskning/Universitetet i Agder)
Data is at the heart of digitization. Over two twin sessions, this seminar will elaborate on and discuss issues concerning the type of data, the lack of data and the potentials of data in the future music industry.

MIR and VAT (NO)
Presented by Music Industry Business Advice
In an informal setting , you can hear what MIR has been focusing on over the past year and what will be important in the future. VAT is especially in the spotlight, mainly because of its application to concert tickets. 

Oslo: The Smart Event City (ENG)
Presented by Arena Oslo
There is near perfect correlation between live music events and revenue increase for the travel industry. Increased tourism to Oslo will also be great for the live music scene. Visit Oslo, Rockefeller and Ticketmaster join up to discuss how we could work together across industries – make Oslo a better, smarter and more attractive event city!

Meet a Norwegian Arts Council Case Handler (NO)
Do you need assistance with a funding application or do you have questions regarding the Culture Fund or Fund for Sound and Image? The case handlers from the Norwegian Arts Council will be waiting to answer your queries.

Need some general information regarding this year’s conference programme? Find answers to your questions here.