New additions to by:Larm Black

January 17 2018

“They were just looking the other way. While everybody in the Nordics had their eyes on electronic streaming artists, metal and rock have been living a parallel existence – in rude health,” says Erlend Gjerde of Indie Recordings. He is running the latest addition to by:Larm, by:Larm Black, which first rolled out in 2017. Alongside Joakim Haugland, by:Larm’s head of programming, and Jarle Kvåle from Tons Of Rock Festival, he has built a new platform to facilitate a new wave of export-ready Nordic rock and metal bands. 

When the annual by:Larm festival starts in March, these darkside genres will, like last year, infiltrate both Vulkan Arena and Pokalen. Here you can experience exciting seminars boasting both Norwegian and international music industry leaders, as well as 27 of the most exciting bands on the Nordic scene. More or less the entire Norwegian rock and metal industry and key international figures have already confirmed their attendance.

The demo acts that will perform at the Pokalen venue are already confirmed, but we are now announcing the four first bands to perform on the main stage, Vulkan Arena. One of Iceland’s most prominent acts the last few years, Sólstafir, is coming, and so is the new band from notorious black-metal front man Gaahl. He`s most known for his work in previous bands like Gorgoroth, God Seed, Trelldom and Wardruna, but his new band; Gaahls Wyrd will without a doubt make an impact on the scene performing both new material and highlights from his career. 

One of the most promising rock bands in Norway these days are coming from all the way up north in Tromsø. Celebrated by Lars Ulrich on his Beats One show, LÜT has gone on to win nominations for “Best Live” at P3 Gull, and “Best Newcomer” at the Norwegian grammy’s.

Like LÜT, Atena is also a band of the new generation. Despite their young age they’ve already released three studio albums, and their latest effort, Possesed received massive praise from both their fans and critics alike. Atena delivers a massive, groove-oriented sound, and with their unique use of classical samples they sound like no other act on the scene today!

See you in the pit!

Confirmed acts to by:Larm Black:
Gaahls Wyrd
Barren Womb