New noise from Denmark and Sweden!

December 05 2019

Five Nordic demo highlights confirmed

Back in November, the demo jurys of Sweden and Denmark were hard at work selecting the most promising demo acts for by:Larm 2020. Now we can finally present the following signs of what is to come in Scandinavian music.

BATHSHEBA (DK): Part Danish, part African Bathsheba is a brand new, attitude-armoured pop singer. Making a mark on Copenhagen, and soon the rest of us!
DOULA (DK): With songs formed during a hospital stay in northern Denmark, doula’s cross of 80s pop and the famed Danish post-punk sound hits hard.
GHLOW (SE): A half-Russian, half-Swedish storm of sound with buzzsaw guitars, looming bass and howling synths.
MOPIANO (SE): Deep bass grooves and dark, murky beats flowered with Muhamed Conta’s voice. One of the coming Swedish producer greats?
TURQUOISE SUN (DK): These psychedelic poppers from Denmark have hit down hard on both California’s Thrasher mag and Danish radio.