NNNN is this year’s Startup Partner

February 04 2020

A new era of concert speakers at by:Larm

We wish to give startup companies within innovation and technology in the music and culture industry an opportunity to present their innovation at by:Larm. Last year, Fantasy Music Manager launched their beta version of the app based game. This year we proudly present NNNN as our Startup Partner

NNNN is here to reimagine what reference audio reproduction can be for music creators of today. NNNN is headquartered in the Oslo area, Norway but has a development team spread throughout Europe and the US. With a mission to produce the world’s best audio systems and with an expertise acquired through years of developing AV equipment for world leading brands, NNNN aims to take a lead position in the global market for professional audio equipment.

NNNN is a brand with global reach and is currently looking to build a matching partner network during this year’s by:Larm festival.

Founder and CEO of NNNN, Torkel Mellingen says We are enormously proud to be selected as this year’s Startup Partner, and we can’t imagine a better event than by:Larm to showcase our vision of a future where magical music experiences also are sustainable. We will give the audience an experience like never before, and look forward to meeting everyone at by:Larm: artist, industry and audience.

When NNNN applied for this years Startup Partner, they won the spot by showing a clear vision, high degree of innovation in their product and a clear go-to market strategy. With a strong focus on sustainability and a low climate footprint in all aspects of their operation on top of this, our decision was easy. We look forward to following the company and their team in the time both leading up and during the festival, as well as the time after, says Peter Eikeland, by:Larm’s Head of Sponsorships.

Their pitch definitely caught our attention at by:Larm, with our 23 years in the business of making festivals, and knowing the workload it implies. Now we can proudly announce that NNNN is this year’s Startup Partner at by:Larm.

Founded in 2016, NNNN has been quietly developing an expansive portfolio of studio and concert speakers, based on some principle ideas of uncompromising audio reproduction, iconic Scandinavian design and bleeding edge hardware and software.

For the last 15 years, the founders of NNNN have been defining, designing and developing the most industry changing video conferencing products for CISCO and TANDBERG, as well as through the startups Electric White and Acano. Products such as the Cisco WebEx Spark Board, CISCO MX-series, TANDBERG C-series Codecs, TANDBERG T3 and the TANDBERG Profile series.

The first products in NNNN’s GRAFT and DEVOR series define a new standard for what concert speakers can perform. There are no direct competitors to any of these products in the market today. NNNNs patented audio technologies aim to secure this leadership for the foreseeable future, and we look forward to many innovations to market with our upcoming product releases.

Headquartered in the Oslo area, Norway, where the speakers are handmade, NNNN is a brand with global reach and is currently looking to build a matching partner network.