Nobody can kill Sigrids vibe!

October 26 2017

WOW, what a year it’s been for Norway’s new pop sensation; Sigrid!
We are so happy she played by:Larm in March, and blew the Nordic and international music industry away.

At by:Larm Sigrid played Gamla and Rockefeller, and her debut EP wasn’t even out. But we all loved it, hyped it, danced to it, and when the EP came out, everyone knew the hype was so well deserved.

“Don’t Kill My Vibe” was named “hottest track in the world” and “song of the week” by BBC Radio 1, and it passed 20 millions streams months ago. She’s visited The Late Late Show with James Corden, and Jools Holland.

This summer, Sigrid played huge festivals around the world, including Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, Roskilde, Latitude, Wilderness and all around Norway including Øya, Slottsfjell and Pstereo.

We will sing a long to Sigrids vibe for a long, long time!

Photo: Martine Lund