Seven new sparks of Nordic wonder

November 07 2019

37 of 120 acts announced in total

Danish freedom pop alongside experimental metal. Swedish suburban rap alongside rural blues rock. The next big name in Norwegian R&B alongside the next big name in Norwegian rock – alongside the international powerhouse that is Charlotte Dos Santos.

ISAH: Four sold out shows this week, a prominent feature on Karpe’s SAS PLUS / SAS PUSSY and a single of his own with 16 million streams. 20 years old. He’s our next R&B wonderboy.

CHARLOTTE DOS SANTOS: With an unmatched six-star press record and an even more lauded live reputation, Norway’s foremost renegade of jazzy soul is finally back in 2020. And we can’t wait.

DREW: Drew currently holds both Danish radio and the hearts of the Danish audience in a firm grip. With her mesh of anthemic pop with intimate indie, Drew is leaping ahead into a Scandinavian audience.

IMENELLA: This hard-hitting rapper straight outta the Stockholm suburbs is going to kick open the door to the Nordic and beyond at by:Larm 2020. These shows come with a guarantee for rapture.

ORM: The brew that is experimental Scandinavian metal is becoming increasingly potent these days, and at the forefront of the wave you’ll find Orm. Dissonance, melody, mood, fearlessness.

LÜT: Hailed by Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, nominated for Norwegian Grammys and P3 Gull and with a soon-to-be-ready Mike Schuppan-mixed album up their sleeve, LÜT are the next big Norwegian rock band.

JOHAN AIRIJOKI: In his search for the perfect groove, guitarist and copper mine worker Johan Airijoki has come close more than just a few times already. With his rural poetry out of Gällivare, Sweden, Johan represents a unique voice.


Offer expires at midnight. Prices won’t be this low for a full by:Larm delegate pass. Not this year, probably never. Make it count!

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