November 02 2017

Main Partners

Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology

Students from Westerdals Oslo Act have already worked for several years at many venues during by:Larm. The conference program during the day, with technology and music as the main theme, and the concertproduction is right in the core of many of their educations. Westerdals Oslo ACT offers bachelor programs affecting large parts of by:Larm and cooperation is therefore quite natural. They are pleased to participate as an content contributor to the conference, and not least, they look forward to offering our students relevant practical experience through this partnership.

Norsk Tipping

By:Larm and Norsk Tipping’s objectives are to raise the profile of young talents and Norwegian music generally, both nationally and globally. Both sides can achieve this through a long-term, strategic collaboration, focusing on the broad spectrum of cultural activities financed by Norsk Tipping’s annual profit. In doing so, we can give people’s musical dreams a chance.


Vulkan is the newest, and one of the most urban areas in Oslo. Here you will find everything you ever dreamed of when it comes to restaurants and food shops, and then some. We are proud to have Vulkan on board as our partner, and collaborate closely with them before, during and after the festival every year. We strongly believe that music and food has close ties, and this all comes to life during by:Larm!



MatPrat is the communication concept for Opplysningskontoret for egg og kjøtt. Through MatPrat we contribute with food inspiration, information and knowledge. In October 2016 we held the first ByLam (city lamb) together with by:Larm, a big feast, with Lamb inspired food served on the plate and by:Larm artists on the stage.


By:Larm is unique in the way it manages to combine being a music festival and industry conference. Here, both new music and fresh thinking are in the air, which is what makes by:Larm so important. TONO is proud to have been one of by:Larm’s main sponsors for many years.


NRK P3 is by:Larms official Radio Partner. As a National Radio Broadcaster with focus on young talent, our partnership with by:Larm is a perfect match and a tool for us to follow and present talents from Norway and let them take their first big leap out of Norway in the pursuit of becoming world stars!


As the leading Norwegian ticket sales agency, it’s completely natural for Ticketmaster Norway to be a part of by:Larm. By:Larm represents the best learning zone and meeting point for the Norwegian music industry.


NOPA is an interest organization for all composers and authors of lyrics to music.


O.B.Wiik is Norway’s leading business supplying tents and equipment to the nation’s festivals. Our delivery serice is always innovative in its thinking, and has invested heavily in new solutions for optimising its portfolio for the industry.


Junkyard is a cutting edge online store for urban – street – and sports –fashion. Our target group is representet by young individuals who express their style and creativity. Our belief is that by:Larms´s effort for the unkown artists and for the creative industries co-realates perfectly with Junkyards vison and values. We were proud to be a part of this for the first time in 2015, and hope to work closely with by:Larm in the years to come.

Hansa Borg Bryggerier

Phonofile Nordic Music Prize partners


Phonofile (since 1999) is one of the leading music distributors in the digitally advanced Nordics, with offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and London. We are very proud of working together with by:Larm on making this unmissable meeting point between Nordic and International Music Industry and Media.



Municipal Partners

Nordisk Kulturfond

Norsk Kulturråd

Arts Council Norway is the main governmental operator for the implementation of Norwegian cultural policy. Arts Council Norway functions as an advisory body to the central government and public sector on cultural affairs. The Arts Council is fully financed by the Ministry of Culture.


Oslo kommune

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The main task of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to secure and promote Norway’s interests internationally. Norway’s interests are determined by such factors as its geographical location in a strategically important area, its open economy, its position as a coastal state and steward of substantial marine resources, and its extensive exports of oil and gas.

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Norwegian embassies