by:Larm PLUS Pass

June 23 2021

With the PLUS Pass, you will have access to both the concerts and conference sessions during by:Larm 2021. You will be granted priority access to concerts, meet up with Nordic and international music industry colleagues, and more! Join the party! Been to by:Larm before as a delegate? This is the pass you’re looking for.


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Minimum age 18 depending on venue’s individual regulations. Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase. Entrance to shows are limited by each venue’s capacity.

Remember to bring valid ID when collecting your by:Larm PLUS Pass. If you’re a student, bring a valid student ID as well. If not, you will have to pay the price difference to a full price delegate pass. Bring your carer certificate if you’ll be accompanying someone who needs assistance to attend by:Larm 2021. Both of you will have to be registered at our check-in counter at the same time.

By confirming your order, you accept our terms and guidelines including refunds and cancellation policies. Please respect the ticket restrictions stated.

Note! For the conference part of the delegate pass, VAT is added. The live music part is VAT free. You can apply to the Norwegian TAX office for a refund of the VAT using this form. 

Please send us a mail on info(a) if you have any questions.