Privacy Policy

September 24 2019

This privacy policy explains our handling of personal information collected to give our services to the ticket buyers, guests and volunteers and others we work with.

The general manager of the organization is responsible for the handling of the privacy policy if tasks are not delegated. Requests for access, rectification or deletion of personal data can be made to

Personal information stored
We store the following personal information about our customers:
Delegates: Name, job title, company, country, email
Festival pass / day pass / single ticket: name, date of birth, country, city, email.
Volunteers: Name, date of birth, phone number, email, social security number, t-shirt size, food allergies. The social security number is encrypted and cannot be seen by any of our employees. Lists of social security numbers are only retrieved from the system by the system administrator (Arkon) if the authorities (Skatteetaten) address us and want to see our personnel lists (personallister).

All personal data regarding our customers, guests and volunteers will be reviewed annually, and personal data older than 2 years will be anonymized and will only be used for internal analyzes. Contact information will be deleted in this process. E-mail address and name provided by registering for newsletter or communication by email with by:Larm will only be deleted if wanted. See specifications below and information on how that information can be removed.

The information collected is the basis for organizing the festival and the conference for our customers, and to report to public authorities and sponsors. Your information will not be used for purposes other than what is disclosed. When you buy a ticket, receive a complimentary ticket or sign up to volunteer to by:Larm you agree to what you allow the organization to use of your personal information, such as newsletters, information about the festival or offers from partners.

You can email us, but please remember all companies are vulnerable to theft of data. You should not send any sensitive information via email. If we receive an email of this sort, we will treat the inquiry according to content, and thereafter delete it immediately.

You can subscribe to our newsletter. To be able to send you newsletters you must register your e-mail address either at our website or while purchasing a ticket. This will be stored in a separate database, and will not be shared with others. You can at any point unsubscribe from the newsletter, either from a link in the newsletter or by contacting

Registrations for workshops and events
At our website and via our newsletter it’s possible to apply to volunteer. In this process we collect information as name, contact info, social security number as well as allergies and potential need for special facilitating. The social security number is encrypted from our supplier Arkon, and will not be visible for by:Larms administration or CEO. The social security number can only be decrypted by a system administrator if the government requires access to personnel lists of volunteers. The social security number will not be used for any other purpose than to administer the event. Your personal information will be deleted after the event. We will collect separate consents to map the interest and wish to receive invitations to upcoming events.