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by:Larm 2023: The Booker's Recommendations

Foto: Anders Lillebo

Our bookers Joakim Haugland and Sverre Eilertsen are always on the lookout for the hottest new sounds emerging across the world. Here are their top festival tips:

Joakim Haugland (Artistic Director)

Brother May (UK)

The last few years, it’s become a tradition that we book an artist from the über-cool London collective centered around Mica Levi, Tirzah and Coby Sey. And every year, these artists end up on my list of best by:Larm gigs. In 2023, it’s Brother May, who first played here in 2020 with the project Curl (Mica Levi, Coby Sey). Don't miss out!

Perko & Huerco S. (DK/US)

This year’s most exclusive concert, taking place in the small and intimate St. Edmund’s Church which has only 100 seats available. An exclusive collaboration between the rising Danish electronic music star Perko and Huerco S, who released one of the most critically acclaimed electronic albums last year, Plonk.

Autonomie (NO)

The best demo we received this year, in my opinion. Old school thrash metal in the veins of early Testament, Nuclear Assault and Morbid Angel. These kids are for real! Their debut EP is out now on Oslo’s cool Fysisk Format label.

Nala Sinephro (BE/MQ)

We have worked to get Sinephro to by:Larm for a few years now, and now she is finally coming. She delivered one of the best debut albums of the last 20 years with 2021’s Space 1.8. We are proud to host this gig at Kulturkirken Jakob, together with our friends at Ultima Festival.

Laura Groves (UK)

Laura Groves has made one of the best songs of 2023 with “Sky at Night” – maybe THE best. Please listen. Also listen to her new single with Sampha. I’ll let the music talk.

Kara Jackson (US)

With Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love, Kara Jackson has delivered one of this year's best albums. This is no doubt one of the hottest tips for by:Larm 2023!

Lover's Skit (SE)

This young, fresh, new band from Sweden is the best live band I’ve seen in years. Think Le Tigre, Bikini Kill and early days LCD Soundsystem.

Mun Sing (UK)

Giant Swan blew up Blå back in 2020. Now half of Giant Swan is returning, as Mun Sing.

Posner (NO)

Soothing atmospherics from all-around good guy Posner. Elements of drum and bass mixed with Giegling vibe electronics.

Nick Léon (UK)

One of the hottest DJs and producers at the moment, with a DJ set that will blow the roof of Blå. Presented with our friends at Øyafestivalen.

Ratthew (NO)

One of the best demos we received this year. Electro-punk – think Le Tigre, Chicks on Speed and riot grrrl.

Bar Italia (UK)

We rarely book the same act two years in a row, but if we do it, there is something extraordinary going on. There was last year when Bar Italia played by:Larm, and we just wanted to give Oslo a second chance. Please take it!

Kameliia (NO)

Norwegian newcomer Kameliia has, without anyone here in Norway noticing, released two super strong EPs of old school techno on Russian label Overbalance. One of this year's surprises, in my ears.

Sverre Eilertsen (Head of Live)

Fochs Koshka (NO)

These two neck pain-inducing guys have been shaking buildings in and around Oslo for a couple of years, and it’s finally time for them to let it rip at by:Larm. Fast paced and very entrancing.

Brother May (UK)

Tasty, experimental hip hop from one third of London’s finest crew, CURL. He’s been at by:Larm earlier through their work, but are now finally here with his own solo project.

The Mary Wallopers (IE)

Something very different from what I usually recommend, and that’s simply because they blew me away when I saw them live. Traditional Irish folk music meets pub rock. Impossible not to like.

Lover’s Skit (SE)

Refreshingly well-hitting and with an unmistakable youthful sound, this distinctive Swedish duo are something else. I’m very curious how this plays out live!

Nala Sinephro (BE/MQ)

Her mesmerizing debut Space 1.8 made it impossible not to try and bring her to Oslo for her first show here. It has finally happened. We’re proud to present Nala Sinephro together with the great Ultima Festival.

Elina Waage Mikalsen (SÁ/NO)

Experimental, multidisciplinary artist and musician improvising sets on her self made instrument, made from her grandmother's loom, together with vocals, effects and field recordings. Elina will do two performances at by:Larm, one in each church. I’m very excited about this.

Kara Jackson (US)

Kara provides a breath of fresh air to folk and country music, and her debut album has been on repeat at the by:Larm office for months.

nonne (NO)

Described as honest and real, this Tromsø duo fuses psych rock and electronics into a very danceable sonic landscape. Best enjoyed live in the late hours.

Ladies Music Pub night at Kafé Hærverk

Just like last year, we’ve been lucky to have the fantastic ladies music pub curate our Saturday night program at Kafé Hærverk. It’s full of great acts, but I’d like to put forward Cosha as my favourite.

Stuzzi (SE)

Unpredictable, eclectic and charismatic! Multi-instrumentalist Stuzzi and his band lights up your day/night with a mix of disco, house, cumbia, funk and rave.

Escho Label Night (DK) at Revolver

Acclaimed Danish label Escho are coming to by:Larm with three new projects from their magnificent catalog. I’m especially eager to see Snuggle!


Look through the program, be curious and go to concerts you don’t usually attend!


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