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Jury's Selection 2023: 13 fresh new artists

RATTHEW by Zeek Patrol

Since the first edition of by:Larm in 1998, our goal has been to present the best new artists. Our Jury’s Selection is at the heart of this mission. Every year, we receive over a thousand demos from all over Norway. Each demo is then listened to by our demo jury, consisting of a broad spectrum of highly competent people from all sides of the Norwegian music industry. 13 artists have been selected to perform at the most important festival for new music in the Nordics. Together, they are the Jury’s Selection 2023.

The Jury's Selection proves that the Norwegian music scene is still in good shape. This year's line up include fresh artists from the pop, rap, metal and electronic genres, and everything in between. Early Bird ticket sale here!

anakin justin (NO)

18-year-old anakin justin has recently proven to be a name to keep an eye on. As both producer and songwriter, he delivers something personal and genuine. After good reviews for appearances at various festivals, and as support for Linni and Jaa9 & OnkelP, the rapper from Trondheim, Norway is now ready for by:Larm 2023.

Autonomie (NO)

Autonomie is a brand new trash metal band from Stavanger, Norway, with one goal in mind – to play hard, fast and have a good time. The members are between the ages of 16 and 18, and the sound is a mix of aggressive punk and old school trash.

Ea Othilde (NO)

Ea Othilde is an 18 year old songwriter from Oslo, Norway. She makes pop rock inspired by Franz Ferdinand, PJ Harvey, Radiohead and Elliott Smith. Her debut-EP 'How I'd like it to fade' (2022) received great reviews and secured her a spot at Øyafestivalen 2022.

Fochs Koshka (NO)

Fochs Koshka have become one of the most unique Norwegian acts in electronic music through their high energetic live shows and unique form of experimental techno. In a techno scene where many acts look back in time for inspiration, Fochs Koshka manages to create a soundscape with a glimpse into the future.


HILLARI is an 18-year-old multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who hails from the Philippines, but now lives in Oslo, Norway. She has captivated audiences with live performances at concerts, festivals and events before releasing her first single "Desperate Soul", which is the first from her upcoming album.

Ingrid Jasmin (NO)

When the debut single of Norwegian Grammy winner Ingrid Jasmin dropped in 2021, the listener met an artist quite unlike anything else on the Norwegian scene. The trilingual artist studied the traditional flamenco ‘cante’ alongside traditional norwegian music, setting the tone for the sound of her self-released debut album ‘Luna' in 2022.

nonne (NO)

With repetitive riffs and danceable rhythms, nonne is a psychedelic rock duo based out of Tromsø, Norway. Meeting in their early teens the pair formed a special bond as the rhythm section for several local bands. In 2022 they released their debut EP Frem og tilbake to critical acclaim.

Primz (NO)

Primz combines several languages, and has a musical style characterized by melodious rap. That’s the reason why he has been nicknamed "Mr. Melodieux", which is also the title of his debut album from 2023. Primz is one of few artists who manages to implement an Afro sound into Norwegian rap, which makes him unique on the Norwegian music scene


RATTHEW is a queer, Oslo-based do-it-yourself, dada-punk band. The expression is inspired by bands like The Garden and The Prodigy, with fast drum breaks, noisy instruments, good old-fashioned riot-grrrl vocals and an avant-garde, but down-to-earth approach to punk! Definitely something different.

Sara Fjeldvær (NO)

Singer-/songwriter Sara Fjeldvær has captured the hearts of many with her incredible stage presence, confident persona and unique way of getting the listeners attention. There are high expectations for her upcoming album release in February 2024, but before that you can catch her at by:Larm 2023!

Swank Mami (NO)

Swank Mami released her debut single "Venus Retrograde" at the end of 2022, was P3’s Urørt (untouched artist) of the month in February, and played at Trondheim Calling the same month. She’s currently in session completing her first project, where playfulness, deep melodies and danceable rhythms is to be expected.

Turbo (NO)

Turbo is a new Oslo-based rapper from Bergen. With his raw lyrics delivered over beats that draw inspiration from punk, trap, and electronica, Turbo leads you through a universe polluted by a debauched lifestyle.

The jury consisted of

Birgitte Mandelid (Øyafestivalen), Ksenia Petrova (FKP Scorpio), Amira Ali (Universal), Trym Grydeland (Trekanten), Adiele Arukwe (NRK P3), Linda Wiken (Parkteatret), Mira Berggrav Refsum (Oslo World), Stian Stu Nicolaysen (The Orchard/Mutual Intentions), Mathias Remmereit (Distrikt, X2 Festivalen), Ragnhild Severeide (USF Verftet), Roza Aghili Taslimi (Music Norway), Morten Gjersum (Tou Scene), Agnes Steen Eckersberg (All Things Live), Vegard Storaas (Live Nation), Marthe Heggenhougen (Cosmopolite), Mina Evenrud (The Oslo Way), Linn Margrethe Skoie (FKP Scorpio), Yunus Daar (Nora Collective/by:Larm), Marit Johansen (Universal), Dag Audun Kårtvedt (Trondheim Calling/Tyven), Olivia Blom (DJ/Insomnia Festival), Eirik Havelin (Musikkjournalist), Tine Victoria Horn Hvidsten (Konsertforeninga), Mats Borch Bugge (NRK), Synnøve Nesdal Sandnes (Terminalen byscene), Karen Norbakk (Sony Music), Magni Sørløkk (Playground Music), Kedist Bezabih (Goodlive GmbH).

From the by:Larm administration

Tonje Andersen (General Manager), Sverre Aksel Eilertsen (Head of Live), Joakim Haugland (Artistic Director), Erik Egenes (Head of International Program & Press), Wanda Luedy (Head of Communication & PR), Henrik Posner (Artist Coordinator).


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