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15 new names added to the programme

Faux Real
The office boombox at by:Larm is buzzing every day with the freshest new music finds, and today we present 15 new artists to this year’s programme. The 2022 festival is shaping up to be a massive event!

Fuzzy garage rockers, nascent rappers and pop stars claiming their space in the spotlight, Nordicana craftsmen and drum ‘n’ bass – these 15 artists lead the way for the music in the years to come.

Brimheim: Warped goth pop.

Calby: Heartfelt Danish soul signed to Republic Records

DEKI ALEM: Intoxicating hip hop telling you to “SHUT YOUR EYES AND ENJOY THE FUN”.

Diskopunk: “A drug-infused ABBA”, combining dance, post-punk, pop and rock'n'roll.

Faux Real (CANCELLED): Combining elements of post-punk, glam rock, and contemporary R&B with a unique sense of humor.

Girl Scout: Jazzers gone indie – an “uber awesome slacker combo”.

Ira Nor: Experimental, bedroom-crafted pop for the big stages.

JEJUNE: Fuzzy garage rock, produced by Mikhael Paskalev.

Jonas Benyoub: A great new rapper who’s featured with Karpe, Lars Vaular, Tommy Tee and more.

Maggie: With her soaring melodies, simple ballads and epic anthems Maggie is solo debuting at by:Larm 2022!

Molly Hammar: The Line of Best Fit- and BBC Radio-championed contemporary pop.

Ole Kirkeng: A true Nordicana craftsman, recently back from Berklee.

Raghd: Gothenburg rap that mixes attitude with vulnerability.

Sei Selina: A one-time by:Larm demo artist who is now poised to become a true Norwegian pop star.

Vegyn: The co-producer of Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Endless, Vegyn’s signature productions are an absolute must at by:Larm 2022.



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