The first nine artists ready for by:Larm!

May 02 2021

The race towards by:Larm is ON

With our first announcement, we’re serving up the by:Larm audience with a broad sheet of Norwegian artists, spanning from laidback indie bursting with teen spirit, visionary beats for the dance floor, cutting-edge pop and rural rap from the countryside.

These artists all have the by:Larm spirit in common – the indescribable-yet-discernible spark that tells us something big is in store for each and every one of them. We can’t wait to see them in action on by:Larm 2021!

    The 20 year old farmer-slash-rapper Ash Olsen is setting a new course for Norwegian rap.

    A multimedial storyteller with a meticulous, genre-exceeding musical expression.

    Norwegian indie icon in the making.

    A three-dimensional kaleidoscope of electropop.

  • L.U:N.A
    Norwegian-French artist breaking out of genre conventions.

    Bass-heavy electronica with a touch of melancholy.

    Smerz’ concentrated soundscape of synth pop, rap and R&B draw on esoteric sources like traditional Norwegian music as well as childhood experiences in choirs.

    The new face of Bergen’s vibrant club scene.

  • VEPS
    Youthful bliss, 90s indie aesthetics and classic pop hooks.

    Tickets for by:Larm 2021 will be released soon.