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14 new artists added to the line-up

Lazy Queen. Photo: Stian Werme

The search for new music never stops, and it certainly goes in all directions, leading us down the road of Northern English psych and Norwegian indie, the outer reaches of pop, desert rock, Oslo hip hop and much more.

A Million Pineapples: Melodic, catchy and energetic indie pop.

Afskum: Keyboard-oriented pop tunes.

Ayka: Traditional folk and electronic pop – think Connan Mockasin and Lily Allen.

Ethan P. Flynn: “A kind of Jonathan Richman for the post-Millenial era” - Clash

Féleth: Technical deathrock from the Norwegian Arctic.

Graham Lake: Galantis-produced Swedish tunes in the outer reaches of pop.

Lazy Queen: Norwegian indie with boundless and infectious energy.

Maria Somerville: Folk forms alongside post-punk, traditional Irish motifs, starry eyed pop and hypnotic drones, signed to 4AD.

Mercedess: Danish gangster pop.

Paula Jivén: Spellbindingly original pop music.

Siyabång: A raw take on Oslo hip hop.

Slomosa: Desert rock from the Norwegian west coast.

Stefanos: Somber alternative RnB with slices of indie and neosoul.

THE GOA EXPRESS: A hedonistic pilgrimage into the underbelly of suburban rock and roll.



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