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Jury’s Selection 2022: 18 fresh artists

Makosir. Photo: Endre Gjendem
Since the start in 1998, by:Larm has been about pushing forward new music. The demo artists are at the core of this mission. Every year, we receive a thousand demos, and gather a highly competent jury consisting of industry people, journalists and artists to find the gems among these demos. The result is our Jury’s Selection.

The Jury’s Selection 2022 shows a Norwegian music landscape in better shape than ever, showcasing fresh faces in everything from rap to pop to hardcore to indie and back again.

Annweiler: Raw house and dubby techno.

Astronomies: Punk-infused atmospheric textures from Halden.

Axel Olsen: The vocalist from Combos traversing new territories.

Dorothea Økland: Moody and irresistible electronic pop.

Drongo: An eight-piece navigating krautrock, disco, afrobeat, and noise rock.

EMACS: Enigmatic and catchy electroacoustic tracks by a violinist.

Gæste Gutter: 2000s-enamored Norwegian rap trio.

Hammok: Alternative and aggressive hardcore from Oslo.

Han Herman: One of Norwegian music’s best kept secrets.

Katarina Barruk: A mix of pop, yoik and improvisation, sung in Ume Sámi.

Lille Pablo: Fresh and exciting rap from Haugesund.

Makosir: Limpi student spanning pop, R&B and soul.

Of All Things: Young alt-rockers who are already audience favorites.

Selma French: Airy folk inspired by Frøkedal and Nick Drake.

Utflod: Heavy sounds from Bergen.

YEMZ: Young rapper and Siyabång-collaborator.

Yndling: Dream pop inspired by Cocteau Twins and Beach House.

Ævestaden: Lyres, fiddle, mouth harp, langeleiks, kantele, vocals and electronics harmonizing together.

The jury consisted of:

Trym Grydeland (Project 90), Jørgen Myhr Stokke (Gazze Records), Mina Evenrud (The Oslo Way), Ksenia Petrova (Nordic Live), Amira Morstaq Ali (Bookingskonsulent/DJ), Eirik Havelin (Musikkjournalist), Synnøve Nesdal Sandnes (Terminalen Byscene), Stian Stu Nicolaysen (Mutual Intentions/The Orchard), Sten Ove Toft (BLÅ), Linda Wiken (Parkteatret Scene), Limita Lunde (Little Big Sister), Stine Tømmerås (Nora Collective), Adiele Helen Krüger Arukwe (NRK P3), Stine Tømmerås (Nora Collective), Ragnhild Severeide (USF Verftet), Roza Aghili Taslimi (Music Norway), Hacir Adrian Payan (The Villa/Baklengs), Linn Margrethe Skoie (Kongsberg Jazzfestival/FKP Scorpio), Mira Berggrav Refsum (Oslo World), Birgitte Mandelid (Øyafestivalen), Tine Victoria Horn Hvidsten (Femme Brutal), Morten Gjersum (Tou Scene), Mats Borch Bugge (NRK), Adem O. Adem (GR:OW), Marit Johansen (Little Big Sister), Vegard Storaas (Live Nation), Sverre Aksel Eilertsen (by:Larm), Tonje Andersen (by:Larm), Agnes Steen Eckersberg (by:Larm), Joakim Haugland (by:Larm), Erica Berthelsen (by:Larm).


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