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Photo: Kai Chen
Our bookers Joakim Haugland and Sverre Eilertsen are always on the lookout for the hottest new sounds emerging across the world. Here are their top festival tips:

Joakim Haugland, Head of Festival Program:

Astronomies (NO)
One of the best demos this year in our Jury’s Selection. Astronomies is shoegazing in the vein of Drop Nineteens and Ride, with the anorak-vibes of The Pastels and Sarah Records on top. Just beautiful.

Vegyn (UK)
We've tried to book Vegyn for a couple of years now, and in 2022 he is finally coming. His albums are characterised by short tracks, like small sketches, of nostalgic, melancholic electronics. Vegyn is probably best known for his close collaboration with Frank Ocean on his masterpiece, Blonde.

Wu-Lu (UK)
The big hype in UK this year, and a band most of the country’s cool indie labels were fighting to sign. WARP won, and the debut album is out now to great critical acclaim. The rumours about Wu-Lu’s live performances are enormous, and I am sure Wu-Lu will earn many new fans during by:Larm!

Maria Somerville (UK)
We’ve worked hard for a while now to get Maria Somerville to by:Larm, and it's finally happening. She’s since signed with 4AD. Cosmic folk mixed with dreamy ambience.

Oli XL (SE)
Oli XL is signed to WARP, and he returns to by:Larm with a DJ set at Villa. The most interesting Swedish artist at the moment.

aya (UK)
One of the best artists these last couple of years. Their live performance is no less than spectacular: think Aphex Twin meets The Knife and you’ll get a small hint of what to expect. Released on the great Hyperdub (Burial) label.

Nexcyia (US)
Experimental but also weirdly melodic and beautiful. Floating ambient/illbient in the tradition of Perila and Ulla as well as Norway’s own Biosphere.

Annweiler (NO)
Another killer demo that came in this year, and although he released a single on Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp label earlier, this is a step in a new direction. Dark and dirty techno.

Lyra Pramuk (US)
Lyra Pramuk sold out Henie Onstad earlier this year and now she’s finally back in Oslo. Spiritual ambient centred around her unique and spellbinding voice.

Poison Anna (UK)
London’s Poison Anna has collaborated with Dean Blunt and A$AP Rocky and is signed to ultra-cool NTS Radio’s own label, mixing everything experimental: hip hop, dub and electronic.

bar italia (UK)
There isn’t much we know about bar italia other than that they’re a band from London and named after the cool Italian bar in Soho. The band is part of London’s new underground indie-rock wave alongside artists like Dean Blunt, Mica Levi, and Coby Sey.

Sverre Eilertsen, Head of Booking:

Abdullah Miniawy & HVAD (EG/DK)
Asian Arabic Neo Folk Trance. Need I say more?

Anja Lauvdal & Laurel Halo (NO/US)
I’m very proud of by:Larm cooperating with Ultima to present an exclusive co-performance by one of Norway’s most acclaimed musicians, Anja Lauvdal, and the renowned experimental artist Laurel Halo. I have no idea what to expect, though I’m very intrigued.

Deki Alem (SE)
Hip hop meets punky drum ‘n’ bass. Very engaging. Excited to see them perform for the first time in Norway at by:Larm. My favourite Swedish act at the festival this year.

Divide & Dissolve (AU/US)
Ranging from the immensely sore to the overwhelmingly intense, this instrumental doom duo is a must see at by:Larm this year.

One of the youngest-ever composers at the New York Philharmonic, who then turned to rap, R&B and afrobeat, HAWA is releasing her debut album on the prestigious 4AD.

Gæste Gutter (NO)
Along with Ævestaden and Annweiler - though extremely different musically - one of my favourites from the Jury’s Selection. The guys with the biggest pants and the wettest phones, or so they say themselves. Excited to see how they bring that world to life on stage.

ladies music pub at Kafé Hærverk, especially Léa Sen (FR/UK) & George Riley (UK)
We’ve been lucky to have the fantastic ladies music pub curate our Friday night program at Kafé Hærverk. It’s full of great acts, but I’d like to put forward Léa Sen and George Riley as my favourites.

Naima Bock (UK)
One of our first bookings this year, Naima just released her debut album on Sub Pop. Bossa nova meets UK folk revival. Very nice.

Svaneborg Kardyb (DK)
You’ll find me lying in the pews at St. Edmund’s Church on Friday night, getting embalmed by these two Danes’ soothing, mellow, minimalistic and playful jazz.



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