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by:Larm Conference 2022 – A Delegate Guide


Too much to do, too little time to do it? There’s no need to worry about your by:Larm schedule. Each of our sessions has a tag to make them easily sorted. You can filter on the categories ARTIST/SONGWRITER, LIVE, MANAGEMENT, RECORD LABEL and GENERAL INDUSTRY - and if that seems like too much hard work, here’s a carefully chosen selection, categorised by topic.


by:Larm’s ‘State of...’ panels offer essential insight into today’s music business and its future. Whether working in Management, A&R, Live, Festivals, or Sync, these will interest everyone, with the latter receiving special treatment this year. Its power is undeniable, after all, now Stranger Things has tapped Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” to win her legions of new, young fans.

Someone else earning special attention, too, is the BBC, which celebrates its centenary this year. We love the BBC. It may have its flaws, but it’s got comedies, documentaries and cosy crime dramas in small villages with more murders than Chicago. (That’s not per capita but in total!) Then, most importantly, there’s its music. This year by:Larm will celebrate a century of its musical dedication. Can the Norwegian BBC, NRK, learn from the mothership?

What about the heyday of British music? Paul Gorman’s latest book, Barney Bubbles, celebrates the graphic design genius who first helped defined the English psychedelic aesthetic, then, ten years later, did the same with English punk, before retreating from the public gaze.

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