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Delegate Guide for Artists and Songwriters


Sámi pop music is on the rise. With a new generation of Sámi artists now making a long overdue noise, artist Elle Marie Hætta Isaksen examines the current state and future of Sámi pop. Will the next Nordic export wave will be indigenous? Ladies Music Pub (LMP) are hosting a talk among young, up-and-coming musicians about music making, finding one’s own sound and navigating creative relationships. If you’re looking to maximize your presence as an artist and songwriter, the Spotify Masterclass team will guide you through the latest possibilities, tools, and tricks, and if you’re a DIY artist releasing your own music, Matthew McDermott and his panel will look into their crystal ball to predict the future of DIY in the Tik-Tok era. And how are you getting paid these days? IAO – International Artist Organisation – has just conducted a survey among artists, and the answer’s more complex than you may think.

For those speaking Scandinavian languages there are further opportunities, with a talk between Synne Vo and Jesper Jenset (NO), two young Norwegian artists whose careers have skyrocketed over the last year. On the business side, you can enjoy discussions about music in the digital era, how creators can make money in the streaming-economy (NO), and how to navigate the increasing focus on musical plagiarism (NO), accusations of which are becoming more frequent. As a big treat, especially for Norwegians, by:Larm welcomes Norway’s musical legend and leading indie light Kari Bremnes (NO), who’ll be talking about her lengthy career.

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