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by:Larm 2021: The Bookers' recommendations

Our bookers Joakim Haugland and Sverre Eilertsen are always on the lookout for the best new sounds emerging from all over the world. Here’s their hottest tips for this edition of by:Larm.

Joakim Haugland, Head of Festival Program:

KMRU (Kenya)
Beautiful ambient soundscapes from KMRU from Kenya. His Peel album from 2020 on Edition Mego was one of my favourite albums of that year.

Coby Sey (UK)
Coby Sey is known as the sidekick of Tirzah and Mica Levi, maybe most known from Tirzah’s hit "Devotion". But he has also released some wonderful EPs himself and is soon ready with his debut album. One of my hottest tips for by:Larm 2021.

Loraine James (UK)
Loraine James has released one of 2021’s best albums with Reflection on Hyperdub. Can't wait to see her live on by:Larm!

Tyson (UK)
Tyson is the daughter of Neneh Cherry and Massive Attack producer Cameron McVey. Check out her great debut EP Pisces Problems mixed by Four Tet.

Trym Søvdsnes (Norway)
Trym Søvdsnes from Bergen was discovered by Norwegian disco legend Bjørn Torske: "I took notice of his mixing of styles - somewhat dirty, rough techno and house fused with breakbeats and percussion, sounding quite unlike a lot of the other DJs playing around Bergen at that time”. And of course when it comes to house and disco, we trust Bjørn Torske.

Signe Emmeluth Bonanza of Doom (Norway)
Signe Emmeluth is the queen of free jazz, taking on the tradition of hard blowing innovators like Peter Brötzmann and Mats Gustafsson. This is a must see concert!

Sofie Birch (Denmark)
Floating cosmic beauty from one of the best new electronic producers from the nordics.

Clarissa Connelly (Denmark)
Half Danish, half Scottish artist Clarissa Connelly make folk music inspired by Kate Bush, Mike Oldfield and Enya. Her debutalbum The Voyager is really special.

Johanna Orellana (Norway)
Johanna Orellana is know from Sassy 009 and Carmen Villain, and now finally Orellana is breaking through with her own music, cosmic flute a place somewhere in between Joanna Brouk, Maggi Payne og Don Cherry.

Tuomo Väänänen (Finland)
Väänänen continues to evolve Finlands’s extremely rich techno tradition, from Pan Sonic to Aleksi Peräla. Finland is home of the masters of the deep, dark, bleepy and experimental techno.

Sverre Eilertsen, Head of Booking:

Dirty punk from Toten. Opens the program in Kulturkirken Jakob on Thursday. I think this one will hit hard!

Erika De Casier
My favourite among this year's Danish artists. Takes the best of 90s and 2000s R&B, and puts it in a 2020s suit. Captivating, and undoubtedly one of my highlights on this year's program. BLÅ Thursday.

Sam Ezeh
My Swedish favourite on this year's program. 60/70s psych soul meets modern R&B. For those who like Steve Lacy, Blood Orange etc. Pokalen on Thursday and BLÅ on Friday.

Kenyan sound artist based in Berlin. Works mainly with field recordings, noise and improvisation, and creates landscapes you disappear in. Kafé Hærverk Friday.

Deconstructed, experimental pop. In my eyes, the undoubtedly most credible, major Norwegian music export in recent years. This is their only concert in Oslo in connection with their debut album, which has been released on the largest and most important indie label in the world, XL Recordings. Kulturkirken Jakob Friday.

Has been around as part of Vibbefanger for several years, but it is only with Also This Will Change that he took the step further, and his solo career has gained tremendous momentum. The album has been on repeat with me since it was released, and I look forward to him being last out both on BLÅ Friday, where he makes it a club night later, AND ends Kulturkirken Jakob Saturday.

Johanna Scheie Orellana
Physical, avant-garde and genuine flute ambient. Not released music as a solo artist yet, but what I have heard her contributions to, for example, Carmen Villain, creates a fierce curiosity. Undoubtedly what I am most looking forward to at this year's festival. St. Edmund's Church Friday.

Priya Ragu
R&B with South Asian flair and inspiration. An artist I have a strong belief that we will hear and see a lot of in the years to come. Same management as Jungle and LA Priest. John Dee Friday + Kulturkirken Jakob Saturday. Her first concerts in Scandinavia!

Vilde Tuv
Melting Songs stands out as one of this year's Norwegian releases for me. I look forward to seeing the recorder trance live. Sit-down concert in Kulturkirken Jakob Friday and stand-up concert at Rockefeller Saturday.

The club nights at Kafé Hærverk and BLÅ on Friday and Saturday
Enter, Trym Søvdsnes, Klubb Niilas and Project 90 label night.

GENERAL RECOMMENDATION - Look through the program, be curious and go to concerts you don’t usually attend!


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